Sabyan – Ya Maulana (English Translation)

Screenshot_20190227-065418Sabyan – Yâ Maulânâ يا مولانا


dengan kasihMu Yaa Robbii, berkahi hidup ini
with Your mercy, O my Lord, bless this life

dengan cintaMu Yaa Robbii, damaikan mati ini
with Your love, O my Lord, let me die in peace

saat salah ku melangkah, gelap hati penuh dosa
when I’m going the wrong way, and my heart is dark with sin

beriku jalan berarah, temuiMu di surga
lead me in paths where I’ll be able to meet you in heaven

terima sembah sujudku, terimalah do’aku
accept my prostration and my prayer

terima sembah sujudku, izinkan ku bertaubat
accept my prostration, let me repent of my sins

مولانا يا مولانا يا سامع دعائنا
(Maulânâ yâ Maulânâ, ya Sâmi’ du’âana)
O our Potector, the One who hears all our prayers
wahai Pelindung kami, yang Mendengar semua doa kami
– Indonesian Lyric : Sing Along
– Arabic Lyric : Sing Along
– English Translation : Sing Along

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