They say “Practice makes perfect”.

Hi! I am a language enthusiast. I’ve been learning languages for years, but I feel like I didn’t make a rapid progress in those languages. Maybe it’s because I didn’t use it in my everyday life. So, I have to practice the languages I’m learning in order to understand it perfectly and communicate with other people all over the world smoothly, clearly and confidently. So I decided to create my own way in learning language by writing blog.

I’m not a singer but I love to sing. I always sing to feel free. Listening to good music and singing it along are amazing ways to improve my pronunciation. Learning the lyrics of a song helps me to develop my vocabulary and make me understand what the singer is trying to tell us about.

Beside translating songs and other materials, I also think to write what’s in my head. It might be something absurd, but I just want to get my thoughts and my ideas out of my mind and put them into words.

Anyway, I hope this blog can help me and someone out there.

Thank you.

PS: I also made lyric videos with translation on my youtube channel. and on my another YouTube channel, you can learn Mandarin songs by video/audio. check out here




Hello, world. Welcome to my new blog. I'm a language enthusiast who loves to sing. Singing is one of the best ways to improve your language skill. So, let's sing along with me on my Youtube Channel. And on my second youtube channel, we can learn about the lyrics Word-by-Word. See you there!

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